Singapore Airlines Considers “Flights to Nowhere” to Encourage Bookings

To get flyers back on aircraft without worrying about international regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines is reportedly considering offering a “flight to nowhere.” Passengers would be ferried on a flight departing and arriving at Singapore Changi Airport, potentially paid for in part with tourism credits.

Singapore Airlines is potentially considering a plan to offer “flights to nowhere” in order to get paying passengers on aircraft once more. The Straits Times reports the luxury carrier is planning flights that would depart from and land at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), starting in late October 2020.

Three Hour Flights Would Launch for Domestic Passengers

According to the newspaper, the idea was first launched by Singapore Air Charter, who approached Singapore Airlines about partnering on the airplane rides. Each flight would be expected to take around three hours, suggested on the airline’s Airbus A350. The talks have since lost momentum, but Singapore Airlines could be moving forward in a new partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Although Singapore Airlines has operated “flights to nowhere” in the past, this latest initiative is fueled by public demand to travel. A survey conducted by Singapore Air Charter found 75 percent of flyers would be willing to pay for such a flight, at prices of around $211 for an economy seat and $432 for a business class seat.

The original plan called for “staycation” bundles for the nowhere-bound flyers, complete with airport shopping vouchers, limousine transfers and hotel packages. But a partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board could open up the use of public travel credits to pay for flights, reducing the price of the airplane ride for domestic tourists.

A spokesperson for the airline declined to comment specifically about the plans, rather saying that they are considering a number of ideas.

“Singapore Airlines is considering several initiatives that would allow us to continue engaging both our customers and members of the public,” the airline said in a statement to the Straits Times. “We will make an announcement at the appropriate time if we go ahead with these plans.”

“Flights to Nowhere” Gain Popularity During COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has closed down borders and forced travelers to stay “safer at home,” “flights to nowhere” have picked up popularity. In August 2020, Taiwanese carrier EVA Air offered one aboard their famous “Hello Kitty” aircraft, while All Nippon Airways offered a 90-minute sightseeing flight aboard one of their Airbus A380 “Flying Honu” aircraft.

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